Mar 6, 2011

.i love you.

Have you ever loved someone to the extent that it hurts? That you want to see them happy and all smiling and you never dare wish for them to be in sadness or sorrow? That you cry whenever they cry and you feel blessed to see them laugh? And when they have to go, to go find their own happiness, that you feel as if you were left behind, and that they are going away, far from you, that you feel helpless and you do not know what to do? I feel helpless. I feel helpless. I feel helpless, right now. I don’t want you to go, please no, I love you too much, that I have tears in my eyes when I think of you, leaving me. I want to see you happy, I want to see you smile, I swear I want all those happiness for you. Yet I do not know what to do, when you have to go away to grab that happiness of yours, when it is not me, who can give it to you; the happiness that you are yearning for. I pray to God that you will not forget me; I’ll be waiting, always, in case you want to come back. I cannot stop you from going away to your happiness, no I can’t do that. I’d rather you leave me than seeing you not smiling. I’ll live with the pain, with the hurt. Remember what I said to you the other day (just the other day, sayang), I pray for you all the happiness that is possible in this world. All I ever wanted is for you to be happy. Yes darling, your happiness is my greatest wish. So go, go get your happiness, smile to the world, and I will smile with you sayang, even from far away.

Nina sayang; just remember, my love for you is forever. I love you too much! :’)

Echa, Rose, Fara, Hajar ; you are my everything tahu! I love you, with all my heart. :’)


  1. do you really have to make me cry sayang?
    tika tak trust kte ke?
    selepas apa yang korang buat untuk kte, kte nak tinggal korang macam tu je?

    no way darling~~
    u guys are my strength~
    kte takkan pernah jadi sekuat ni, setabah ni klu bukan sebab korang~

  2. sori buat awak nangis sayang, huu.
    hari tu sy emo, tp sekarang dah okay.
    i trust you lah! n i HEART u! :D