Sep 5, 2012

it's time to go

friends, lovers or nothing- john mayer

I miss you now, not yesterday or a day after
I miss you now, not before or later
I miss you now, my selfish self is selfishly wanting you here with me,

I know I’m nothing to you
I know I only ranked #3 on your list of ‘To-Do’
I don’t know why I still cling on to you,
shamelessly and without pride.

Somehow I do know
Deep down in my stubborn lil heart
That I can’t count on you
To save my poor miserable soul
From breaking apart.

And I too, know
That I can never set you free
From your ever- haunting misery
From your past, you can never flee.

I guess that’s enough, now.
I guess I’ve had enough, now.

It’s time to go.

Sep 2, 2012


starring role- marina and the diamonds

tolong berhenti,
dari menjadi seorang
yang menyedihkan.

tolong berhenti,
dan sila melepaskan
barang barang
serta orang orang
yang bukan ditakdirkan.

tolong berhenti,
memberi semua cinta dan sayang
kepada yang tak termilikkan
yang tak terpunyakan.

tolong berhenti,
dari menjadi seorang
yang menyedihkan.

cukup itu, hati
jangan kau hanya mahu dipijak
diluka lagi dan lagi.

tolong, berhenti.