Sep 5, 2012

it's time to go

friends, lovers or nothing- john mayer

I miss you now, not yesterday or a day after
I miss you now, not before or later
I miss you now, my selfish self is selfishly wanting you here with me,

I know I’m nothing to you
I know I only ranked #3 on your list of ‘To-Do’
I don’t know why I still cling on to you,
shamelessly and without pride.

Somehow I do know
Deep down in my stubborn lil heart
That I can’t count on you
To save my poor miserable soul
From breaking apart.

And I too, know
That I can never set you free
From your ever- haunting misery
From your past, you can never flee.

I guess that’s enough, now.
I guess I’ve had enough, now.

It’s time to go.

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